We at Core Writing want to create as many avenues for composition as possible. As such, this site hosts writing from our instructors, grad students, and undergraduates. If you’re interested in submitting a blog for publication, please read the description below and send submissions to austinkelly@nevada.unr.edu. Happy reading!

Blogs should be around 500 – 600 words but can be up to but not more than 1,000 words. The purpose of the CWP blogs is to showcase UNR’s Core Writing Program from the perspective of administrative staff, faculty, graduate students, and students in CW courses. Contributors to the blog should think of blog posts as being somewhat of an advertising tool for our program that uses reflection on assignments, teaching practices and beliefs, writing happening in Core Writing and beyond, theories about teaching writing and the writing process, etc. Blogs can also be article reviews or reflections on a new pedagogies or textbooks. Instructors may use the blog as a way to advertise recent publications or conference presentations. Bloggers should think of their audience as campus-wide as well as prospective students and instructors who might be researching information about our program.